Preparing for Harvest


During 2012, about 30 mature prophetic people and leaders from Scotland met together on two occasions for three days each time to weigh, distil, and wait on the Lord concerning current prophetic revelation relevant to this present time with the aim of producing a summary statement for circulation to the Body of Christ.  These gatherings were in partnership with Pray for Scotland. 

Highlights from our review process this year are presented below. See also here.

It is noted that our statement is only a part of what God is saying to His people, and complements the many other things He is saying through His people.


Excellent agreement among recognised prophets from many nations in 2012 – key expectations being:
The abiding presence and glory of God                              
A season of ‘ecclesia’ (Christ’s Kingdom government) for cities and nations
A re-ordering and re-aligning of nations
A worshipping / first-love army arising
A speeding up of times of change
A mighty wind of the Spirit blowing again across the land
Strong influence into 'mountains' of society (education, health, government, business etc)
The Church increasingly aware of its identity and its destiny to disciple nations
Wealth transfer to benefit the Kingdom
Kingdom creativity; invention; business strategy etc.
Move of the love and Father Heart of God continuing
 Believers taking the glory and power of God into the streets.
Prayer Points:
- Pray for increasing release of these aspects in the nation.
- For the body of Christ to be able to move in step with God in these areas.
- For God’s healing love to continue to flow in the body of Christ and into the streets.
- That the nation will be enabled to arise into its full destiny and identity in God at this time.

Some Significant Statements from Recognised Prophets:
The greatest revival and in-gathering in history is upon us and we are not ready for it.
(Rick Joyner)
Scotlandwill be one of the most prophetic nations in the world.
(John Paul Jackson)

God is calling His people to open their hearts to His Grace
Putting first-love for Him before heart idols

A call to enter into deeper bridal intimacy

‘Let our hearts be broken with what breaks His’ – develop compassion for poor/needy

‘Rend your hearts … call a sacred assembly’ (Joel), ‘If My people.....’ (2 Chr 7:14) – a call for corporate gatherings to seek God’s face at a critical time for the Kingdom destiny of the Nation.

The ash-cloud of 2010 – a sign of a call for repentance (ash being a symbol of this in Scripture).

These calls imply a promise of great grace and awakening for the nation!  The Lord convicts lovingly but sometimes sharply to open the heart to His grace!

Prayer Points:
- Church delivered from a judgmental spirit as God deals with its leaders, its people,  and the nation
- Effective restoration / heart-healing ministries
- A powerful revelation of finished work of the cross and transforming grace

Harvest – A Goal of a Million Souls saved in Scotland

Several noteworthy leaders in Scotlandhave heard God speak concerning this.  This is a strong encouragement for faith for a large harvest in the nation.  What is the timescale?  A 20 year timescale would imply an average of 1000 finding Christ, every week, for 20 years!  Where are we now? Certainly significantly lower than this but acceleration is discernable.  How will it happen?   Through “combined harvester'' – all together will be needed.  We will need many renewed/ revived churches, and many new church starts – with all kinds of ‘shapes’ to reach today’s modern generation. 

Prayer Points:
- Holy Spirit empowered ‘travail’ for souls needed
- Labourers to be raised up and sent into the harvest
- Energising the church planting movement – for much grace for those called into this difficult task

Scotland - a nation for the Nations             

There will be a great sending again to many nations.                                                     

Many will come from the nations to receive in the land and then return with the blessings.

There will be councils of the Nations – both in the natural and the spiritual – gathering in Scotland.

Strategy for the nations on many levels will be released from Scotland.

Prayer point:
- As we pray for and bless the nations, the full destiny of Scotlandwill come forth.